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Interview with OPS Casting Studio Producer Inna Grishmanovskaya
Today, in "Casting Director Tips" CastingCraft’s partner - Inna Grishmanovskaya, producer and head of the Casting Studio "Original Promotion Service", a former actress of the Republican German Drama Theater.
23 Jan 019, Olga Suvorova
Actors choose villains
Many actors admit that it is much more interesting to them to play villains, than the next good guys or sentimental heroines. Why?
8 Jan 019, Olga Suvorova
Posting photos and video in CastingCraft’s actor profile
In order to ensure that our collaboration with CastingCraft’s actors as productive as possible, we have certain requirements for the photos and videos posted in your personal profile.
22 Dec 2018, Olga Suvorova
Body Language
A lot of books are written about how the actor to live the role on stage, how to play, how to imagine and even how to breathe. Where to put your hands and feet? Young and inexperienced actors on stage are often too fussing, causing anxiety and anger of Director. Let's look at the typical mistakes.
21 Dec 2018, Olga Suvorova
Actor's video card
In CastingCraft actors need the video card to fill out their personal profile. This is a universal video that makes it possible to assess the appearance, shape, tone of voice, speech (the presence or absence of an accent) of the actor, to see how he (she) smiles, laughs or surprised.
21 Nov 2018, Olga Suvorova
Video Emotions
In CastingCraft the actors fill out their personal profiles. In addition to contact information, portfolio, showreel and videocard, they must to shoot a video of the full range of emotions that actors can play.
20 Nov 2018, Olga Suvorova
CastingCraft’s Portfolio
With the actor's portfolio begins any audition for a movie or advertising, so it should be professional and perfect. How to fill out the actor profile in the CastingCraft software? We have created a "Portfolio" setting specifically for this purpose. It is necessary for self-presentation, in order to show the client the best side of the actor.
19 Nov 2018, Olga Suvorova
How to make a showreel
Showreel - it is a cutting of the best movies or shows. It may be presentation of any expert in the cinema industry or consist from the pieces of different movies one studio. It can be Director, cameraman, actor, showreel of the Art Director, editor and author of special effects and computer graphics.
13 Nov 2018, Olga Suvorova
How to play to the camera
Even professional actors are sometimes lost in front of the camera, especially if they have long played on the stage. Relationships with the camera the process is intimate and complex, the ability to play on the camera comes with experience and trainings. But still there are a number of rules, following which you will learn how to do it.
28 Oct 2018, Olga Suvorova
Ivana Chubbuck – the American Stanislavsky
Every actor in the USA knows about Ivana Chubbuck. This is a famous coach of acting, which has grown on its technique many celebrities. Among her students: Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, Jim Carrey, Liv Tyler, Beyoncé Knowles and Eva Mendes.
20 Oct 2018, Olga Suvorova
The fear of casting
Even professional actors and experienced speakers are afraid to go on stage or to the microphone in front of a large audience. What can we say about aspiring artists?
12 Oct 2018, Olga Suvorova
The first Сasting Oscar!
In the film industry, the work of casting Directors has been the most underestimated for many years. Film Academy, annually presenting the Oscar even had not a separate category for professionals in this field.
4 Oct 2018, Olga Suvorova
Self-made Director
Before, actors stood in long lines, to try the audition in casting Agency. Now they can record self-tape at home and send it by e-mail or using any messenger. It is fast, cheap and convenient.
27 Sep 2018, Olga Suvorova
Casting in Hollywood. The birth of a legend.
You know casting if you are a fisherman and you know casting if you are a Director. In both cases you have to «catch» the best of the best.
20 Sep 2018, Olga Suvorova
Headshot – you must have for casting
Any promotion of an actor or model begins with self-presentation, first of all it is a photo and video portfolio. The term 'headshot' came to us from Hollywood, It means professional photo for casting.
12 Sep 2018, Olga Suvorova
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