Headshot – you must have for casting

Any promotion of an actor or model begins with self-presentation; first of all it is a photo and video portfolio. The term "headshot" came to us from Hollywood, It means professional photo for casting.

You will need a close-up picture with good light and no frills. That is, glasses, hats, bright makeup will be inappropriate, you have to be in all your natural beauty. Clothes should be neutral, not too much dark colors and accessories.

Ideally, the picture should be without retouching, but a little of Photoshop is acceptable. Make a color and black and white vertical pictures. Don’t do it yourself, if you are not a master, order a professional.

A good photographer will show not only your beautiful eyes, but also what lies behind them. Your eyes should be perfectly in focus, alive, and energized, and not dead and glazed over. Find a photographer that gets you. That person has to make you feel very comfortable, as you will hopefully be using this headshot for a couple of years and sending it to everyone. Upload your photos to your laptop or iPad, so you can quickly send them by email.

All primary castings of actors are based on photos, and only then the casting director will watch your video and arrange a personal audition.

In New York the most famous headshot photographer is Peter Hurley. Los Angeles ‘star – Alan Weisman. Actors stand in line to get them to shoot.

Peter Hurley gives master classes about how to look perfect on the photo. He believes that the secret of a successful look is in so called «squinch».

He described it so that if you do not want to look frightened and indecisive on the photo, when staring at the camera with wide-open eyes, you should narrow your eyes so that in the frame will be more self-confidence. This view will give you sexual insolence, but it will remain within what is permitted.

All you know about the fat effect, which adds the camera, often in the chin area. Therefore, the "forward and down" is the motto of Peter Hurley, with which he «paints» a beautiful jaw line in the photo.

And most importantly - smile. Show it three-quarters, no more. Too wide is suitable for advertising toothpaste, its complete absence – for advertising funeral services. Smile easily and naturally, and even better, if your eyes can smile. There is even such a special technique of Duchenne to master the "smiling look." And always take pictures only if you are in the good mood!

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