Self-made Director.

Before, actors stood in long lines, to try the audition in casting Agency. Now they can record self-tape at home and send it by e-mail or using any messenger. It is fast, cheap and convenient.

On the other hand, not all actors are able to shoot themselves correctly, so the output material is simply terrible. For instance, the poor quality of the video can be the reason that the casting Manager simply does not view it until the end. Did you have a pre-arranged super culmination there? But you might not give the Agency a chance to evaluate it. How to do the self-tape to be looked completely, but not to be thrown in the trash?

The first thing to do is to find an assistant who will make shots, as it is always more difficult to do it by ourselves. The second - a tripod is a must, the camera should be motionless, no shooting with trembling hands. The question of choosing the camera itself is not so relevant. Good self-tape can be shout even by the phone, but not by the webcam.

Third - soft daylight. If there is a possibility to install a professional artificial light, it will be better. The Internet has a lot of life hacks on how to set up the light, take the time to view them.

Very important is the background, no grandmother's carpets and distracting details. In the frame, the most important is the actor himself, so the white wall behind him is the best option. And finally, the sound-it should be perfect, no external noise. The casting Director should not hear your dog barking behind a closed door or your spouse scolding on the phone.

Don't forget to introduce yourself at the beginning of the video. Treat this process with maximum dedication when you work not only as an actor, but also as a Director, cameraman, make-up artist, sound engineer. Self-tape is a new invaluable experience! With each new record your videos will become better and better!

Do not forget about the timing, human attention is not infinite. If you make a self – tape for a current project, you will not be able to choose the text, quite thing – your video visit card. This is your chance to make a lasting impression on the casting Director once and for all. The chosen monologue should be so heartfelt and strong that the viewer does not blink and take a breath while watching it.

Imagine that you are making a marriage proposal to your lover. Your target is to get a positive answer. With the casting is all the same, record the video in such a way that you’ll be answered "YES, I WANT YOU"!

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