The first Сasting Oscar!
In the film industry, the work of casting Directors has been the most underestimated for many years. Film Academy, annually presenting the Oscar even had not a separate category for professionals in this field.

The first prize, which was awarded the casting Director of the CBS Lynn Cressel, became a television Emmy. Since the late 1980s began to distribute the first statuettes for outstanding achievements in this area. Nomination Permanence did not differ, but this recognition led to the birth in 2005 of its own Guild for casting Directors "Casting Society of America."

Since 2013, three seats in the Board of management of the American film Academy have been allocated to the casting Directors Department.

And in 2016, Lynn, but the Stalmaster received an honorary Oscar and became the first casting Director in the history, awarded this prize. Apparently, the name Lynn brings good luck in the casting, how else to explain such a coincidence.

His career was rapid. After serving in the U.S. Army, Lynn Stalmaster began working in show business. First as an actor, he starred in the war movies "The Steel helmet" (1951) and "Flying leathernecks" (1951). Then he played in the TV series "Big Town" and started work in the casting Department of this show. Stalmaster quickly established himself as a solid casting Director.

Lynn Stalmaster is well known for films from the 1970s. He worked on film projects: "Fiddler on the roof", "Harold and Maud", "The cowboys", "Liberation", "Rollerball", "Silver Streak", "Black Sunday", "Coming home", "Convoy", "Superman" and later «The Thomas Crown Affair».

He is already 90 years old, but he is still cheerful and can give handicap to the young casting Directors of America!

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