Ivana Chubbuck – the American Stanislavsky!
Every actor in the USA knows about Ivana Chubbuck. This is a famous coach of acting, which has grown on its technique many celebrities. Among her students: Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, Jim Carrey, Liv Tyler, Beyoncé Knowles and Eva Mendes. And with her favorite "vampire" Ian Somerhalder she came to Moscow and took part in the TV program "Evening’s Urgant". On the air, they opened the actor's secret of sexy eyes.

In 2003, Ivana Chubbuck received an honorary award for the "Tower Award" for her contribution to the development of cinema at the Festival of Russian cinema in Hollywood (RIFF). And in 2006, graduates of her Studio were nominated for "Oscar" in all the acting categories. Ivana is called the American Stanislavsky and it is not accidental. She has Russian roots on her mother line and she also wrote a bestseller about acting. The inspiration for writing the book was the work of Konstantin Sergeyevich. The book is called "The power of the actor: the Chubbuck Technique".

Here's what she says about her work with actors: "Most techniques for acting require going headfirst into painful thoughts and memories to play believable. My method advances this technique to a new level. Instead of self-loathing, emotional pain, I pray to take the pain, the drama of his life and use it to overcome the difficult path. In this case, we create instead of destroying. This allows the actors and the audience to experience positive emotions, optimism and hope. We want our audience to say, "If this hero can overcome the same pain as me, then I can." I also encourage fearlessness in the work of my actors. Fear is the opposite of art. Success comes to those who are not afraid to risk being misunderstood and not to do as is customary and is considered "correct". "Safe" selection leads to a safe result. You can't get to the top if you don't risk it. I master the courage in my students, until it becomes part of them.

I spent 4 years and 25 rewrites to make the book the most effective for both beginners and students of theater schools and even for professionals. Famous actors, writers and Directors use it as a guide. It is also used as a textbook in colleges and universities around the world. The book was conceived also as a workbook that can be re-read and put notes. Charlize Theron takes it to all the shooting and constantly studies. This applies to many actors, writers and Directors. Many call "The power of the actor" the actor’s Bible."

Many Russian actors, who have been trained in her courses, now teach this technique in Russia, so that the method of Ivana Chubbuck became available not only in theory, but also in practice.

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