How to make a showreel

Showreel - it is a cutting of the best movies or shows. It may be presentation of any expert in the cinema industry or consist from the pieces of different movies one studio. It can be Director, cameraman, actor, showreel of the Art Director, editor and author of special effects and computer graphics. Composer, singer and even the photographer all needs the showreel. Standard timing of the video is not more than 2-3 minutes. Showreel – this is business card maker, which is intended for a first acquaintance with his work. If showreel interesting, unusual, and capable of intrigue - it makes you want to watch the whole movie. In #CastingCraft, all the actors in their personal account, in addition to information, portfolio and screen-tests have showreels. How to make it, if you don't have it yet?

1. Review all your movies critically and select the most bright and emotional scenes.

2. What image do you want to create? For diverse, cut footage of melodramas and action movies and show that you know how to be different. If you have chosen one Amplua and do not want to change anything, make the same video.

3. Showreel is a composition, which should have its own drama. Use the exposition, the main action and the denouement.

4. If you started to keep the viewer in suspense at the beginning, hold until the end. Amplify individual frames with music, if at this point you do not have replicas in the movie.

5. Play with special effects, but follow the basic rules of editing: do not put a large plan together with large plan or panorama with panorama.

6. Don't forget the titles. At the beginning, represent yourself like an actor. Specify the year of release of each movie. Insert links for the author's name of the music tracks you used to avoid copyright issues.

7. Make one showreel in Russian, second in English (with subtitles).

8. Test the showreel on your colleagues. Show your friends, let them criticize, it's useful.

9. There are a lot of programs for video editing, choose the one in which you know how to work or order this work to a professional editor. This can be Lightworks, Shotcut, Corel VideoStudio Pro X10, CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra, VEGAS Movie Studio and Adobe Premiere Elements. For Mac users, the iMovie program is perfect.

10. Look at showreel of Liza Boyarskaya. In the beginning, she's a vamp, and then she is very soft, used only the most emotionally moments. Despite the fact that the showreel is very long, 4 minutes, it looks in one breath!

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