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With the actor's portfolio begins any audition for a movie or advertising, so it should be professional and perfect. How to fill out the actor profile in the CastingCraft software? We have created a "Portfolio" setting specifically for this purpose. It is necessary for self-presentation, in order to show the client the best side of the actor.

1. Photo snaps. You must have photos from the Studio, without makeup, so that the clients understand how the actor or model looks in the real life. Photos should be regularly updated. If you get fat and the photo in your portfolio you have minus ten pounds, during the casting can happen unpleasant embarrassment. Casting Directors are don’t like such actors. Regular updating of photos is very important for teenagers, they grow, they change appearance and some have puberty skin problems.

2. Composite. This is a business card photos in the form of four pictures combined on one page. Sometimes it can be a photo collage. In addition to photos, the composite contains contact information and the main parameters of the model (actress): height, weight, figure parameters. Pictures should be diverse: portrait, full-height, in different images and poses. The client, agent or Casting Director must have a full representation of the actor.

3. Video card. It is actually the same snap, only video. The actor shows how he talks and moves, smiles and works to the camera. Natural makeup is necessary. You introduce yourself, talk about yourself, show your smile (Do you have a good dentist?), show your hands (back side and palms), because often the hands take off close in the movies. Turn around in front of the camera to show your figure.

4. Video with emotions. This video should not be very long. How the actor "plays" emotions helps to understand his professional level. Show your laughter, fright, surprise, fear, pleasure, delight, love, gloating, grief, anxiety, longing, despair and anger. Do it quickly and brightly to make it clear that you are an experienced in the transformation.

5. Additional video. It could be a monologue. The one you will best be able to play, which most naturally blends with your acting nature. Remember that you are not on the stage, so it should be not very long. If you will be able to bring for clients the goosebumps, tears or laughter’s colic - you will get this role!

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