Actor's video card

In CastingCraft actors need the video card to fill out their personal profile.

This is a universal video that makes it possible to assess the appearance, shape, tone of voice, speech (the presence or absence of an accent) of the actor, to see how he (she) smiles, laughs or surprised.

Video card can be recorded in the Studio or in any beautiful location with good daylight. Look, how did it actress and TV host Alina Zasobina.

An actor's card is a mandatory working tool for any actor, together with a portfolio and a showreel. But unlike the showreel, the card does not limit the actor to the images of the characters played, but gives a chance to show the Сasting Director all talents. You can improve your acting brand and tell the Director how else you can be shot and what roles you would like to get. Be sure to tell us about your unique skills that distinguish you from others. Perhaps, you are fluent in Mandarin, you a master of horse sport or you play the harmonica. In the work of an actor, no talent is superfluous.

The video card should be shot only in a horizontal format, do not shoot against the light. Pause at the beginning and end of the recording. Take a belt or chest plan, it is the most optimal, but in the process the camera can drive off to show you in full height. Ask a friend to help you with the shooting. You can record a single double or montage the video, there are no strict rules. But do not use special effects and filters, it distracts from your personality, and some Casting Directors don’t like it. The video can be classical and conservative or you can be courageous and breaking all templates, you are an actor, so prove it! But, please, stay within 1.5-2 minutes.

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