Posting photos and video in CastingCraft’s actor profile

In order to ensure that our collaboration with CastingCraft’s actors as productive as possible, we have certain requirements for the photos and videos posted in your personal profile:
  • Headshot-professional quality portrait photography. Preferably, a horizontal one.
  • A full-length photo is a picture taken in a dress or bikini.
  • Photos and videos of pornographic content are STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
  • Photos of the actor - it is his working tool, so amateur pictures and photos of bad quality are not suitable.
  • Attach photos to your profile as required by placement. Portrait to portrait, full-length photo or half-length picture in the appropriate column. Video-card in the "Video". How to make the latest, read our blog.
  • To create a composite, select single-format photos. Four horizontal or four vertical, different format look bad. It could be a collage.
  • Snapshots (Polaroids) are images taken in day light, which show the model in the natural form, without embellishment. The model should be without styling, makeup. Shoot in a relaxed pose on a light background in clothes of a simple cut of neutral shades or in bikini. *Snapshots (full length, portrait and waist) should be in different angles: profile, front, rear and twist to¾. Photos are made both with the collected hair in a bun, and with the dismissed. The pictures should not be clearly posing-calm face, shoulders relaxed, eyes without squinting, hands down, heels together.
  • One of the portraits should be with a light smile. Choose shoes with heels or take pictures barefoot.
  • Real life of snapshots 3-4 months. Images are deemed to be unusable and must be replaced with new ones if:
    - Model changed her hair style or hair color;
    - She has grown hair more than 3 inch;
    - The model gained weight or lost weight;
    - She had plastic surgery;
    - Grew or changed any of the external parameters.

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