Interview with OPS Casting Studio Producer Inna Grishmanovskaya

Today, in "Casting Director Tips" CastingCraft’s partner - Inna Grishmanovskaya, producer and head of the Casting Studio "Original Promotion Service", a former actress of the Republican German Drama Theater.

Inna, tell us about your work, how did you come into business?

Our Studio appeared on the market of Kazakhstan in Almaty eight years ago and, perhaps, we are one of the first to announce new casting standards. At the beginning of our activity, about 80 percent of advertising projects were shot with our participation.

Our portfolio includes work for companies such as: Beeline, Kcell, Activ, Kaspi bank, ATF bank, Tsesnabank, Kazkommertsbank, HalykBank, Gilette, Kotex, Tide, Ariel, Sif, Haggies , Pampers, Foodmaster, and many, many others. For 8 years of work in our projects about 2500 people acted, not counting actors of group and mass scenes.

What mistakes do actors (models) most often make in casting?

Many try to immediately play something, something to imagine. You don't have to do that. At the casting, we need to see you for who you are. It is enough that you are confident and knows exactly what you came here for.

With the passage of photo and video, where we ask the actor (the model) to win back some of the emotion to understand how people "play", knows professional terminology, does the actor's techniques, even a professional (mostly young) actors working externally, "making faces", overplayed, don't look organic, unconvincing. No need to try to look very surprised or very scared. You need to try to find this condition inside yourself-to remember some appropriate situation, to think about the person who causes the corresponding emotion in you - everything you need use appear on your face and in your eyes.

Girls tend to want to show themselves in the best way, and this - tons of cosmetics, false eyelashes and eyebrows. For casting we are recommend to be as natural as possible. Beautiful and spectacular photos with makeup and Photoshop send to the Manager for your portfolio, so that the customer understands that such a picture with your participation is possible. But for casting it is important for us to see your real face.

What are the requirements for an actor to participate in advertising and movie?

In advertising very often acting not professional actors. Advertising scenes are short and for role enough to match certain type and look organic. In the movie, everything is much more complicated, it is not enough to be just talented and to work in the cinema requires professionalism, knowledge of acting. Of course, there are many cases in Kazakhstan, and in the world cinema, when people became famous in the movie, not having an actor's education. But most of them sooner or later studied acting techniques, engaged with teachers individually or received education after the first successful steps.

How to prepare for the casting? What advice would you give to novice actors and what to professionals?

Casting is your mini-performance. In a short time you must like at least the Manager, who will make a note of his first impression in your profile. Well, as a maximum-your future Director or producer. Do not come to the casting sick, sleepy, tired and indifferent. Before audition, do a little physical and articulation warm-up. Think in advance what you want to tell about yourself - the best improvisation-improvisation prepared. Be prepared for the fact that you may be asked to perform additional tasks - something to sing, recite or dance.

Well, for great professionals I have a great advice - less "star fever". From the casting Manager or casting Director does not depend will be you adopted for the role or not. But it depends on us see you as a candidate or not. And believe me, "star" actor gets on the table to the Director or producer in the last place and only as a last resort. If you have your own well-formed pricing policy, report it calmly and politely, specify all your regalia and experience in the questionnaire, do not fill your price with tactless and familiar behavior.

And if you are an aspiring actor who was lucky enough to star in several projects, believe me, this is not a reason to consider yourself a professional. Be friends with casting agencies!

What do you need for dance casting? What are the features?

Tips obvious, however, not always observed: the appropriate form of clothing, the need to prepare your body, warm up, have prepared a music track, which better to check with your casting Manager on what digital type is preferable to bring. If you dance in different genres, specify also in advance, demonstration of what styles is preferable. Show the brightest and most difficult technical part of the dance at first. If you start from the beginning, not the fact that your dance will be inspected to the end.

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