"CastingCraft is really unique all-in-one solution
that sort out and speed up workflow of casting agency.
Operators, Managers, Casting directors are love to work with CastingCraft"
Alex Yarigin,
Casting Moscow
Talents Online Check-in
Your agency will save many hours if you let your incoming talents to check-in online.

They fill all information - phone, name, height, roles - themselves and select a better time for visit.

Of course check-in form fully customizable for each session, so you can ask a candidate to confirm that he can swim :)

Queue Display
Place an LCD with "CastingCraft E-line Web-page" opened on it, so actors in line will know exactly when you will call them for auditions!
Casting process speedup
What does casting managers do during casting? Collect check-in forms, call for actor, managing line. With CastingCraft he only click the "Casting Done" button then an operator ends shooting.
Automated Files Sorting and Converting
That is a major problem after all shooting is done? To sort out each image and video file to a corresponding talent.

CastingCraft solves this problem. You just upload all files at once and CC will associate each file with the right person.

No magic, it simply tracks the end time of each audition, so dont forget to set the right time on your cameras.

Alway Up-to-date Talents Database
After each casting all information about each talent automatically are updating automatically - photos, videos, actual weight of Actor.

Of course you can search, export or create custom lists by any parameter you want.

Professional & Customizable Reports
With CC you can create your own custom reports with your styling and format.

Our internal Report Designer is very simple, just drag-and-drop fields you need.

Reports can be produced in PDF, Ms Word, Text, Excel, XML format. Or just publish them online right to web and send a direct link to your customer.

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CastingCraft is a must have software for any casting agency. It covers all aspects of the casting business in one solution.

Actors registration, Queue Display, Actors Database, Auto-updated Profiles, Auditions, Lists, Self-shooting, Reports, Export to 9 formats and much more!
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