4 Sep 2018 - New Version 3.2
Intoducing: Self-shooting and Queue Display

Casting Selfshooting

Now your talents can upload their photos and videos directly into your database!

Just open any session and set the field "Selfshooting" value to "yes" or "all" and your actors will see the upload section on their account home page:

Enabling self-shooting for a session:

Actor clicks on the selfshoot button:

Actor uploads photos:

Files in your database:

Auditions Queue Display

Open special casting craft web-page on any smart-TV or Tablet, place in your agency hall and all your talents will see the actual queue. No struggling any more!

Enabling session display on queue display:

Getting link for the display:


CastingCraft is a must have software for any casting agency. It covers all aspects of the casting business in one solution.

Actors registration, Queue Display, Actors Database, Auto-updated Profiles, Auditions, Lists, Self-shooting, Reports, Export to 9 formats and much more!
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